“To thine own self be true” (Hamlet, William Shakespeare)

A statement and philosophy by the greatest writer of all time, William Shakespeare, Caldwell Content’s mission is to discover, nurture, and express the truth of your brand. My principles and philosophy support the democratic privilege of Journalism, an institution of freedom to discover and spread truth. I believe that the voice of your message should remain pure and untainted, evoking authenticity, while telling a story that withstands the test of time. A brand doesn’t need to conform to stand out, it just needs a little polishing to shine brighter.

I promise to not only express the truth of your brand, but to be truthful within the practice and services I offer. Fake people are the worst! The lack of genuineness and lip service I’ve witnessed at businesses who practice pretense or feigned loyalties, has inspired me to pledge to put my client and my mission first. I will be transparent and not only mean what I say, but I will mean what I do as your consultant and partner in your vested interest.

I ask for your trust and loyalty in upholding the truth and integrity of your brand, while maintaining the best business practices I can offer.


Lindsay Caldwell