2016 The Special Events Gala Award Winning Writeup


I was honored when CEO of Go West Creative David Fischette asked me to pitch his experiential event product Spoken Cinema for the 2016 Special Events Gala Awards. After a lengthy submission process consisting of 100 words, 1000 word description, and four questions under 1000 words, I was happy to learn that Go West Creative not only received a nomination, but won the award in January 2016.  As a writer, my challenge was to breathe life into a written description about a live production:


“Best New, Innovative Event Product/Technology Spoken Cinema”

The Four Questions

1. What were the objectives of this entry/event/product, and how did you meet it?

The objective of Spoken CinemaTM is to create an original performance that emotionally connects the audience to the brand messaging. For our Matrix L’Oreal event, we created a multi-layered performance where Steve and 20 live performers brought to life the emotional connection and impact on how consumers felt about their hair.

A range of scenarios played out on stage where performers portrayed the before and after reaction of an abused single mother who treated herself by getting her hair styled. In another scenario, a young boy with low self- esteem hid his hair under a ball cap until he sat down for a new haircut, giving him the confidence he lacked. Matrix’s message conveyed that for a lot of their shoppers, having great hair is an important intrinsic quality their consumers desire.

Kelley Blue Book also utilized Spoken CinemaTM for their “One to Win” event. A new president was in place and KBB was ready for a restructuring of the company. Our task was to create a piece that would incorporate their new mentality, leadership and operations through storytelling. Feeding numbers and corporate jargon at their conferences was now passé. They were use to doing conferences the conventional or old standard way, but this time they were ready for something more powerful. We offered them fresh content that delivered an unforgettable message.

Before the event we were able to gather information during our discovery call that guided the Spoken CinemaTM process. Through historical images and the use of an ultra wide screen we inspired the audience to believe in the new direction of KBB. They had finally received the moment they had been waiting for. They were ready for the new future of KBB.

2. What noteworthy challenges arose, and how were they overcome?

The challenge with Spoken CinemaTM is in the timing and the syncing of the poetry, cinematic score and film. To tell the story, Steve Connell’s words have to time just right with the media. Therefore, we created synchronologyTM, whereby we digitally sync multi-channel time-codes from each element so that every technical aspect in the show is orchestrated at strategic times during the show. The individual elements are then combined together creating one unified performance.

3. How was the entry unique, distinctive and professionally executed?

Spoken CinemaTM is unique because although it is executed technically, it is organically created from theatrical performance, cinematic music and film. A cast of both new and old entertainment, the product withdraws an unexpected internal emotional reaction from the client’s messaging.

4. How does the event/entry demonstrate value for budget spent?

The value in Spoken CinemaTM is not discovered, it’s created. The best way we can describe the value for clients’ money spent is through our their own words:

“We wanted to do something different that would capture the attention of the audience and set the stage for the rest of the day, introduce the theme and message of the day in a new experiential way that nobody would expect. He was able to take from just a couple of conversations the vision and message to life in a way that no one had ever experienced before. Visually and aurally the audience was blown away…and the synchronization with what he was saying, with what was happening behind him was extremely impactful. It was the best opening of a show I’ve ever seen.”- Ali McDermott, Employee Communications & Event Manager, Kelley Blue Book.


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